Celebrate Life’s Milestones

We all know about the traditional ceremonies that Professional Celebrants help with.

Weddings, Funerals, Naming Ceremonies and Vow Renewals

What other events might you want to turn into a ceremony that is of importance to you. Well here is a short list and if you would like to ask us to assist with any of these, please get in touch by email or by phone and we will happily discuss your needs and how we can help to make sure that your ceremony is everything you wish.

Adoption Ceremonies

Let the new addition to your family feel that you have fully accepted them and that they are a full member of the clan. This can be accompanied by the person accepting the family surname to give them the additional feeling of belonging and to signal to the world their new status.

Pet Funerals

We have all said farewell to our pet friends at times and occasionally that is after a 15 to 30 year relationship with some pets. They leave a large gap in our lives and sometimes taking that time to grieve and to publically or within the family acknowledge that helps to deal with and recognise that loss.

Hand Fasting (Fun at Festivals)

This tradition linked to the bonbs of a relationship and to the tying the knot to signify the bonds of a relationship is something you may just want to have to make an event a little more special. We are here to help make that possible.

Topping out your New Build

The time and expense of creating your new build, be it adding a conservatory, an outdoor pod yourr your workshop or a whole new home, perhaps even a community building project. All are worthy of note and a brief celebrant led ceremony to mark the occasion and possibly to createa press opportunity for community projects is perfect. Give us a call and discuss what you need.

Coming of Age Events be it 16,18,21.

Life Landmarks are a major thing in many cultures and you may just have a wish to mark one of these events for the young people in your life. preparing a ceremony to mark these milestones can bring pleasure to multiple generations as they share in that young persons transition to adulthood.


After a lifetime of service it is right that the end of a career be celebrated by colleagues family and friends. Finding the best blend of anecdotes, readings, testaments from managers/directors and colleagues and a farewell from the retiree is all within the aid we can offer. Let us take the strain out of the preparation and provide not only a ceremony, but a Celebrant to act as master of ceremonies, speak as you need and co-ordinate the formal part of the proceedings for you.

Dedication of Bequest Items

A park bench, a playpark, a civic resource. All may deserve special ceremonies to commemorate their opening to the public. This serves to celebrate the memory of the person whose bequest has created that resource. At Caithness Celebrant we are happy to create and deliver the conference.

Or anything else you can think of just get in touch and we will happily discuss it with you.

Email: john@caithnesscelebrant.uk


Call: 07479 608 390

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