Client Feedback

Funeral for Mr Ian Haddlesey 2nd October 2020

From Ian’s daughter Rachael, 5th October 2020.

“When my dad passed away, my mum and I immediately knew who we wanted to conduct his tribute. With attendance being so limited due to COVID-19 and other factors, we felt it important to have my friend, someone that actually knew my dad/her husband deliver the eulogy, rather than a stranger… especially taking into account that we’ve never been a religious family. When I phoned John, knowing he’d recently qualified as a celebrant, and asked him what it was all about, he said “it can be whatever you want it to be” – so that sounded perfect. He then invited my mum and I for an informal chat about my dad, some facts and some anecdotes were exchanged. He spent a lot of time working on something, and sent what he’d produced back to us. My mum and I made some changes to it, and sent it back to him. It was like he had provided us with the template for what we wanted it to be. When John received the changes, he accepted them graciously without insult, and thanked us. He delivered the service with the right tone – not too solemn, with bits of humour, but with respect and compassion, and discretely guided the undertaker staff with their cues to play the music, and ultimately my cue to say the few words I wanted to say. He took into account what “dress code” we wanted (my dad was a staunch traditionalist) and abided by all of our requests. He even helped us with some phone calls to the undertaker. John was kind, compassionate and respectful throughout the whole process and we are very grateful to him for helping us to say goodbye to a much beloved man.”

Funeral for Mr Dale McPhee 15th October 2020

From Dale’s Mum and Dad 0n 31st October 2020

I would love to think everyone there was able to hear what was being said. You have a clear voice which carries (hence the reason we asked you  to do it.)
You were able to express the love we have for Dale in the eulogy, were able to capture his wicked sense of humour and the sense of devilment that he had in him. People also commented on the tiny ‘blip’ that you had, which was fantastic, as this shows that you are a caring and a compassionate person. Sometimes it can feel as if they are only there because it’s their job. If I had to sum it up with a few words then this would be them.

  • Thoughtful.
  • Compassionate.
  • Clearly spoken (with love).
  • To the point.

Funeral for Mr Neil Powers 15th December 2020

From Neil’s sister Laura on 7th January 2021

The service you provided for us was exactly what we needed as a family,  you made the whole process very simple for us and I thank you eternally for that, as unbeknownst to many, arranging the eulogy and finding the correct person to deliver can actually be the most difficult part of the whole process. 
You listened to what we needed and managed to portray Neil exactly as we wanted to remember him.
He would be very humbled to know that his work is getting some recognition and I’m pleased others have been able to take meaning from his poem.
This was taken from a wee book he made called Tides, I have a copy I can pop into you. There is another book he and the Caithness writing group had published but I don’t know the title of that one.
Many thanks

Funeral for Mr Duncan MacKay 11th February 2021

From Duncan’s sister Joan on 28th February 2021

Hi John, this seems to be the only way I can find to contact you. I hope this will be ok. When my brother passed away very suddenly it left us in deep shock and my head was all over the place but I knew immediately who I wanted to hold his service as I had recently been to a young man’s funeral that you held. I just want to thank you very much for your professional, caring and personal service provided for my brother Duncan. It was important to us as a family that Duncan’s service was about him, not life in general etc. We didn’t want something that dragged on that didn’t really have anything to do with Duncan. I’m not disrespecting anyone else’s choices, I’m only stating ours. You carried out our specific requests with care and attention. You made the arrangement easier for us with a list of questions already prepared, I thought I knew what I wanted but because you asked other questions I realised I hadn’t thought of everything, so I am very grateful for that. I can’t thank you enough for carrying out our wishes and giving my beloved brother a respectful, caring and personal  send off. He is deeply missed by us all, many thanks.

Wedding for Simon and Alii 6th April 2021.

From Simon 5th May 2021

Hi John,
You were brilliant and added to our magical day which you can see here in the pictures.

Funeral for Mr Rod Powell 7th May 2021.

From Rod’s Son Robbie via Instagram

What lovely words John and I know my dad would have been very proud of the service you gave him. Thank you so much not just the service but also for the support you’ve shown me and my family over these difficult times.

Funeral for Mrs Anna Proud 15th February 2022

From Anna’s daughter Jennifer Henderson via personal visit

When you took mum’s funeral at Hurlet Crematorium It all went well. The Funeral Director from Moodies came to me afterwards and asked where I found Mr Glen? I explained he taught our daughters and we have known him for years. The Funeral Director told me that Mr Glen was the best celebrant he had ever seen. I thought you deserved to hear the compliment.

Vow Renewal for Andy & Joanne Peacher 1st March 2022

From Andy via email

John the Caithness Celebrant recently renewed our vows, Joanne and myself Andy. We was very pleased with everything.

We had the service  with family and friends at the Pentland Hotel, it was affordable and we got a certificate and video at the end, not forgetting a service sheet before the event. John is amazing and nothing is too difficult for him.

Caithness Celebrant can do all sorts of events and services just call John for details. We was amazed as we aren’t religious so a celebrant was just what we needed.


Funeral of Mr Alexander Ross 18th March 2023

From Alex brother-in-law Gordon Maclean

Dear John, on behalf of the family I would like to thank you so much for the kindness, compassion and empathy shown by you during an incredibly difficult time in our lives. Alex was taken from us so cruelly and unexpectedly even thinking about an appropriate way to honour his memory was impossible, you stepped in giving us guidance and clarity which made the impossible possible.

You came to us by way of recommendation and I am so pleased that we contacted you as you performed Alex service with just the right mix of humour, solemnity and class.

Thank you once again.