Naming Ceremony

There has been a new arrival into your family and you want to mark that wonderful occasion with your family and friends at a Naming Ceremony.

We have the skills and expertise to make your naming ceremony something you will remember and have a record of to pass on when that baby has grown up.

We will help you to create that perfect naming ceremony. From assisting with readings, poetry, music selections, and building in contributions from friends and relatives if you wish. Our aim is to create a naming ceremony for you and your baby that will have a special place in your heart and memories and those of your guests.

Think about the ceremony you want. Who do you want to be part of this special event. Where do you want it to take place? What elements need to be included in your naming ceremony? When will the ceremony take place? How will you select the structure that makes this naming ceremony super special?

At Caithness Celebrant we have the expertise to assist you in all of these areas.


There are sections within a ceremony we will help you to make decisions on.

Supporters/’God Parents’/ Wardens Through Life – many people choose from within their family and friends and find these people who will act as surrogate parents when required. We can make sure that they have a special place in your naming ceremony if you wish.


A lot of babies are lucky to have four happy healthy grandparents who will want to celebrate this day and often hope to be included and we can create special mentions or mini ceremonies to include them.


Caithness Celebrant can help suggest possible readings if you want them included. They can be delivered by family or friends or by your Celebrant, the choice is yours and we will support you to create the best ceremony for your needs.


Having the right selection of music before during and after your naming ceremony is important. It sets the atmosphere as well as setting the pace or speed for sections of the ceremony. e.g. a really upbeat number at the end of a ceremony can help in getting people to move quickly to another place or in to a lunch. A slow number at the beginning sets a calm pace and can add dignity to the event. You can plan all of this with your celebrant.

The naming ceremony itself may be traditional, may have elements of nature included. Ceremonies may reflect a family’s heritage which could include elements from Scotland, from Norse/Viking roots, from Asian roots, the choices are vast. We at Caithness Celebrant will research and present you with choices that make the day your own.

Please contact us to discuss how best we can help you.



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