This page contains links to samples of ceremonies created by Caithness Celebrant for different styles of ceremony.

How do you decide which celebrant might best help you create the perfect ceremony for your needs? Samples of their work is the best way. Read it yourself or if they have videos of their style then watch them. Any sample of a celebrant’s work might be valuable.

Remember, the samples you read and see are not only their work, but also the style requested by that client. If there is a light hearted funeral, don’t be put off. They will have delivered more sombre ceremonies as well.

Consider the time and care that goes into crafting each of these ceremonies is hours of work. This is then shared with a family or client and edited sometimes on several occasions before the finished item is ready to see the light of day.

The samples I have chosen to put here are a mix of sections of ceremonies. Full ceremonies with my planning/ layout sketches etc, in place and snippets of ceremonies e.g. wedding vows.

Please feel free to get in touch and discuss any questions you may have.

Email: or call: 07479 608390

Baby Naming Example

Eulogy Example – Mrs Audrey Beeston

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