Santa’s Christmas Call

Santa waiting for a visitor.

Santa’s Christmas Call started in 2020, my family and friends suggested that I should make my festive season donning of the Big Red Suit a more formal thing and create a service to allow those who could not get to a live Grotto to still have that special experience for their children.

Santa’s Christmas Call was the result. The opportunity for people to arrange either a live Zoom chat to Santa, or have a bespoke video message recorded and sent to them. These two simple products alongside my charitable appearances seemed to be a sound extension to my presenting skills. This year I chose to set a price point that was as accessible to all as I could and still cover costs and some of my time. £5 for a 5 -10 minute event. Customers tell me it is worth more so a slight increase for next year. Check our facebook page.

I was pleased with the feedback and bookings and look forward to being there for Christmas 2021.

2020 Feedback

That was amazing thank you so so much! They were nervous to begin but haven’t stopped talking about it since!! Can you send me the details for payment please too. Thank you so much again, loved it!!! –Mrs C Mackay 21/12/20

He was genuinely perplexed at how Santa knew all he did – and kept saying “that was nice of Santa to phone me”


Mrs L Morrison 21/12/20

Santa, that was amazing!!! Cannot thank you enough. We have just finished phoning round all the family telling them the exciting news. So magical! You are a wonderful human. I hope you have a lovely, lovely Christmas


Mrs J Davidson 19/12/20

Can I just thank you from the bottom of my heart for your video, Harry (9) was borderline not believing and it was quite sad……watching your video has 100% relit the fire


Mrs C Alexander 18/12/20

Very much worth every penny and more, the best Santa experience the boys have had. And I’m surprised Campbell spoke to you as he can be shy sometimes. Not with Santa tho x

Mrs J Morrison 12/12/20