Vow Renewal

After years of wedded bliss, there comes a time when you might decide that it is time to say to your family and friends, as well as to each other, that you still feel something so special for each other through a vow renewal.

Funnily after a period of time it may be that you think your vows need to evolve to reflect how your life and love have changed, your vow renewal is the perfect way to do this.

We would love to be there with you to create this vow renewal, and to craft a ceremony for you, family and friends. Our aim is to make this day as special as it can possibly be for you. Whether it is a select few guests or a grand affair, it would be our pleasure to help with your planning.

Vow Renewal Structure

Your ceremony will build its own bones as we discuss with you the questions that follow.


Who do you want to be included in this ceremony? Are there children, grandchildren, friends and even pets for some people play a special roll.


Do you have a location in mind, would you like suggestions. Indoors or something special in a favourite woodland location? Or in a nice hotel setting may suit your needs better. The intimacy of something for family and one or two friends at home may be your ideal vow renewal. There are so many possibilities.


When in the year will you do this? Will it be on your anniversary or a weekend close to it? These choices may affect other things. A Ceremony in the forest, in the snow, in December might best be short. A ceremony on the upper deck of the ferry between Caithness and Orkney may be wonderful, but, in the summer months. Your choices will be unique to you, our hope is that we can do them justice in the greatest possible way.


What do you want to include in this ceremony? Are there favourite readings, music, people or mini-ceremonies that we can build in to personalise your vow renewal. At Caithness Celebrant we are happy to create whatever you need for that day.

Give us a call or drop us an email to make this come to life for you.

Email: john@caithnesscelebrant.uk


Call: 07479 608 390

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